Step into a world of grandeur and refinement, inspired by decades of royalty. Royal Velvet has been meticulously crafted to exude luxury. In just 2 easy steps, it transforms your home into a plush space, fit for kings and queens.

Every wall feels regal, every corner gets more depth, and every ray of light that majestically reflects off this soft finish, enhances your home.

Lady Design Royal Velvet

Unique Feature: Soft Velvet Finish

Type: Top Coat

First Dance
Products used for this design:



Ash Grey ME40000

Blue Moon ME40005

Grey Sky ME10004

Soft Lavender ME40002

Graphite Silver ME10003

Silver Armour ME80000

Crystal Grey ME70000

Nuvolo 8439

Dusty Blue ME40001

Poolside ME50000

Golden Sands 10625

Pesca 2834

Deep Azure ME40004

Blue Iris ME40003

Gioco 10138

Peach Cream ME20003

Precious Emerald ME60000

Nettuno 6066

Violetto 2843

Apple Blossom ME30002

Red Velvet ME20007

Deep Fire ME20002

Pink Blush ME30001

Rosa 3280

Peche ME20004

Rose Wood ME30000

Deep Mauve ME20005

Sunlight ME10007

Rose Cream ME20000

Sienna 2877

Creme Brulee ME10000

Sandcastle ME10006

Sabbia 10139

Moist Sand ME10002

Noble Nude ME20001

Smokey Topaz ME10001

Grigio 9959

Rich Ivory ME10005

Silver Leaf ME80002

Tapenade ME80001