Transform your home into a heavenly retreat with the iridescent beauty of a gemstone. From the full moon’s otherworldly gleam to the purity of a bridal gown, there’s always something new to discover within the layers of angelic luxury.

Lady Design Pearl

Unique Feature: Stylish Pearl Finish

Type: Top Coat

First Dance
Products used for this design:



Grigio 9959

Bianco 9958

Noble Nude ME20001

Bruno 7468

Nuvolo 8439

Gioco 10138

Sabbia 10139

Soft Lavender ME40002

Sole 10137

Pastello 10475

Lemon Drop ME10008

Crystal Grey ME70000

Golden Sands 10625

Celeste 5326

Milazzo ME50002

Blentana 5324

Palermo ME10009

Violetto 2843

Rose Cream ME20000

Lilla 3319

Pesca 2834

Gelato 9946

Lavanda 4706

Morado 4573

Rosa 3280

Sedano 7471

Vivo 7469

Nettuno 6066

Urano 4571

Melanzana 2677

Ourjouan 3282

Flor 2678