Wondrous and fascinating, a glittering world created by the radiance of diamonds awaits you within your home. Live under the soft glow of a starry sky as it brightens every moment you experience.

Let Diamonds’ brilliant texture transport you into a sparkling dream.

Lady Design Diamonds

Unique Feature: Diamond Sparkle Finish

Type: Top Coat

First Dance
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Wedding Dress 9964

Fantasy 4725

Fairy Sparkle 4728

Desert Sky 9963

Clouds 2866

Honeymoon 10606

Dreams 10607

Tie the Knot 9962

Lace 2867

Princess 3337

Cherry Rouge 3338

Kosha 2864

Veil 3336

Lilac Bouquet 4727

I do 4726

Forever Yours 2865

Fairy tale 6334

Almas 6333

Carriage 7558

First Dance 5415