Jotun Lady Design

We rarely think of our walls as art pieces to be proud of; but with Jotun Lady Design Paints, You can truly express your personal sense of style. Jotun Lady Design Paints can give your walls colour, texture and depth. The look of your home can now keep changing with every new inspiration that comes to you.

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Our Products

Luxurious metallic finishes for your walls

ady Design Prestige is available in the precious metal shades of gold, silver and bronze.


Get the unique colour motion finish for your walls

Lady Design Colour Mirage is a unique colour motion finish that shows different shades when you look at it from different angles

Lady Design with Mona Hussein

At Jotun, not only are we bringing you a world of effects to redecorate your home, but we’re also showing you how, thanks to the help of acclaimed Egyptian interior designer Mona Hussein.

Mona dedicates her life to designing glamorous interiors for all her clients, and now she’s joined us to help inspire a new look for your home décor. With her keen eye for detail, Mona has paired a range of furniture options to bring you six distinct inspirations for how your home could appear.

To learn more about Mona and her work, visit here website