Room Ideas

Refreshing Room Ideas.

When it comes to décor, your walls create the biggest impact. By adding an exciting and trendy colour you can instantly transform the look, and the mood of the room. 

Using the latest Jotun colours, we’ve put together some innovative room ideas for you to explore and get inspired by.

Living Room

 A Fresh Touch of Beauty: The colours from this room reflect the emotional appeal of the ‘Beauty’ trend. Both the Flamingo 2584 on the main wall and the complementary Aneeqa 1432 along the bookshelf offer a delicate yet refreshing attraction.  

 Cruising with Colour: The colour Moheet 4217 on the feature wall brings with it the timeless fluidity of the ocean, balanced by the youthful liveliness of Safaa 5287 on the rest of the walls.   

 Grab Everyone's Attention: The dynamic shade of Signal Red 0925 on the feature wall creates a warm and welcoming appeal, while the complementary Dove Grey 0117 on the rest of the walls ensure that the overall modern look is perfectly balanced.  

  A Fresh Burst of Colour: The lively shade of Lemongrass (8247) on the wall brings with it a youthful energy and adds a touch of summer fun to any living space.  

Bed Room

The Royal Beauty of Purple: The deep purple colour, Jamila 3171 offers a rich, luxurious backdrop to the bed, while the rest of the room is neutralized by the calmness of the colour Grace 4435.

The Beauty of the Earth: The calmness of the colour Teny 10012 behind the bed reflects the beauty and serenity of nature, and this sense of contentment is further enhanced by the shade Chiffon Drapes 3182 on the adjacent wall.

 Shades of Glamorous Romance: The delicate touch of the shade Icing Sugar 3179 behind the bed is offset by the rich opulence of the colour Mouthir 3304 behind the dressing table. The combination of these two colours creates a romantic, yet chic atmosphere. 

Dining Room

Where Sophistication Meets Elegance:   The classic shade of Hule 4143 on the wall adds a modern twist to a timeless style. This soothing yet cultured colour gives a stately appeal to the entire room.  

Warm and Inviting: The warmth of the colour Cumin Seasoning (1790) on the main wall adds a sense of earthy wholesomeness to the room. 

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