Focus With Neutral Colours

Neutral colours such as white, black and grey offer you a contemporary, classic and serene atmosphere. They’re flexible, versatile and help put the focus on other colours in your room.

They’re also easy to live with, which means that you won’t be getting bored of their sophistication any time soon.
Pale neutral tones bring a simple serenity to your rooms, while deeper neutral tones offer better depth and definition. You can also create the illusion of space with neutral colours such as beiges, creams and off-whites – the brighter the tone, the bigger the room will look.

  • Grey

    Grey is the color, which inspires creative people to become more creative. Grey is a great classifier. It performs the opposite of orange in that it makes things seem more exclusive.

  • Beige

    Beige, the colour of tranquility is cooling, soothing and orderly.

  • White

    White suggests goodness, purity and innocence. Its Elusive nature provides serenity and the essence of perfection.

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